Ideaconsult is a SME providing consultancy, technical services, and software development in the areas of chemoinformatics, QSAR, and data mining since 2004. The company has lead the Data Warehouse WP of the ToxBank FP7 project, as well as the Database implementation and development WP of the eNanoMapper FP7 project, after having successfully lead the framework implementation in the earlier OpenTox project. The company currently leads the Data Solution team of the Nanoreg2 H2020 project, the Data curation, model development and integration WP of the GRACIOUS H2020 project, and is involved in big data modelling in High Performance Computing context in the framework of the ExCAPE H2020 project. It develops and maintains several well-known and widely used open source software products, in particular Toxtree (used, for example, in the application of the threshold of toxicological concern), Toxmatch (for encoding and applying chemical similarity indices) and AMBIT, a QSAR decision support system, including generic database management, structure conversions, and searching, as well as applicability domain assessment. These tools have been carefully designed and developed in close co-operation with academia, regulatory bodies, and the industry.