H2020 GRACIOUS Project Video

Published: 26th June 2020

Are you working at a company producing nanomaterials? Watch this video to see if gathering the information needed for risk assessment can be obtained faster, cheaper and without the use of animals. The Horizon 2020 project GRACIOUS develops a science-based Framework which aims to support practical application of grouping of nanomaterials and nanoforms for risk assessment and decision making. This includes the ability to read across from data rich substances to similar nanomaterials for which information is lacking. The GRACIOUS Framework aims to: help industry incorporate safety into innovation and development by quickly identifying higher and lower risk nanomaterial or nanoform options. and provide scientific hypotheses, and the most relevant evidence to support the use of grouping and read-across in regulatory dossiers. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 760840. Stay tunned at www.h2020gracious.eu and twitter.com/h2020gracious! This video has been produced by the GRACIOUS Consortium lead by Yordas Group Dissemination Team (https://www.yordasgroup.com).

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COVID - 19: Nano Training School

Published: 19th March 2020

To prevent the spread of COVID -19 and to assure the situation will be back to normal as soon as possible offices have been closed and all activities are slowing down to nurture the most healthy environment.

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