Goal and Objectives

In order to streamline the risk assessment process, the main goal of GRACIOUS is to generate a highly innovative science-based Framework to enable practical application of grouping, leading to read-across and classification of nanomaterials (NMs)/nanoforms (NFs).


  • Integrate key stakeholder needs with state-of-the-art thinking on grouping and read-across of NMs/NFs in order to design, develop and refine a sustainable Framework.
  • Develop knowledge and generate data as the basis to derive hypotheses, criteria and guiding principles for grouping, leading to classification and read-across, as building blocks for the GRACIOUS Framework.
  • Refine and integrate tools to build the GRACIOUS Framework, Guidance Document and software module.

Expected Results

The Framework and its Intelligent Testing Strategies (ITSs) will be delivered as:

  • E-tool fit-for-purpose for various key stakeholders (regulatory and industrial)
  • Guidance Document

Both the E-tool and the Guidance document will be designed for practical application to:

  • Help industries and regulators assess environmental and human health risks of existing NMs/NFs cost-effectively
  • Facilitate business decisions concerned with developing new nano-enabled products (NEPs)
  • To inform Safety-by-Design (SbD) practices