Innovative science based framework

Grouping Nanomaterials for Risk Assessment

Intelligent Testing Strategies

Informing Safe-by-Design Practices


Introduction to the Project

In order to streamline the risk assessment process, the main goal of GRACIOUS is to generate a highly innovative science-based Framework to enable practical application of grouping, leading to read-across and classification of nanomaterials/nanoforms.

News & Events

“Nano-week” & NanoCommons Final Conference

NanoCommons, in collaboration with the EU NanoSafety Cluster projects, organises the “Nano-week” and NanoCommons Final Conference, in Limassol, Cyprus. The theme of the conference is “Evolution of Nanosafety and materials sustainability as we transition into Horizon Europe”. The conference and associated events (e.g., Young NanoSafety Researchers event, Training events, EU-US CoRs meeting, NanoInChi meeting, NSC meeting) will take place between 20-24 June 2022. More information and registration HERE:

Scottish Knowledge Exchange Award 2022

The Nano Safety Research Consortium, made up from Heriot-Watt University, BASF SE Institute of Occupational Medicine, Yordas Group, and the University of Edinburgh, won the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Award 2022 in the category "Multiparty Collaboration"!