Innovative science based framework

Grouping Nanomaterials for Risk Assessment

Intelligent Testing Strategies

Informing Safe-by-Design Practices


Introduction to the Project

In order to streamline the risk assessment process, the main goal of GRACIOUS is to generate a highly innovative science-based Framework to enable practical application of grouping, leading to read-across and classification of nanomaterials/nanoforms.

News & Events

Nanosafety Training School: From Basic Science To Risk Governance

This year the Venice Nano Training School celebrates its 10th anniversary. The school will feature keynote speeches and hands-on sessions aimed to transfer state-of-the-art knowledge on a variety of topics from key experts to the new generation of nano-environmental, health and safety, and biomedicine professionals, using interprofessional education.

GRACIOUS Stakeholder Workshop @ NIA's Annual Symposium 2020

Gracious will hold a Stakeholder Workshop at this year's NIA Symposium. Stakeholders can learn more about the latest developments of the framework for grouping nanomaterials for risk assessment, read-across, ask questions, provide feedback and sign up to test the Framework.