Innovative science based framework

Grouping Nanomaterials for Risk Assessment

Intelligent Testing Strategies

Informing Safe-by-Design Practices


Introduction to the Project

In order to streamline the risk assessment process, the main goal of GRACIOUS is to generate a highly innovative science-based Framework to enable practical application of grouping, leading to read-across and classification of nanomaterials/nanoforms.

News & Events

Webinar: A change is REACHed for nanomaterials

In December 2018, the long-awaited update to REACH intended to more explicitly account for nanomaterials formally entered the statute book. Yordas Group and the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre will be hosting a webinar that will summarise these updates to REACH. The presentation discusses how nanomaterials are covered in the EU with an emphasis on new developments.

Leveraging Interprofessional Education to the Study of Nanosafety and Nanomedicine: Insights from the Horizon 2020 BIORIMA, GRACIOUS and NanoInformaTIX Projects Joint Training School

Creating a meaningful dialogue about risk assessment and management of nano-(bio)materials through cross-cutting insights from nanosafety and nanomedicine fields was the mission a training school delivered by three EU-funded Horizon 2020 projects BIORIMA, GRACIOUS and NanoInformaTIX. 47 young researchers were brought together from across the globe (spanning Europe, North and Latin America) to learn from 26 nanotechnology experts at the historic centre of Venice, Italy, over the week of 25 to 29 March 2019, for intensive yet exciting training.