Eight new GRACIOUS publications in 2022

The official project is over, but we have worked hard to make the results of GRACIOUS publicly available so that they can be further used by the scientific community, in the industry, by regulatory bodies, and beyond. This resulted from 8 publications in 2022 alone.

This is the full list of GRACIOUS articles published in 2022:

1. Integrated approaches to testing and assessment for grouping nanomaterials following dermal exposure Luisana Di Cristo, Gemma Janer, Susan Dekkers, Matthew Boyles, Anna Giusti, Johannes G. Keller, Wendel Wohlleben, Hedwig Braakhuis, Lan MaHock, Agnes G. Oomen, Andrea Haase, Vicki Stone, Fiona Murphy, Helinor J. Johnston & Stefania Sabella – 2022/06, Download HERE

2. How to formulate hypotheses and IATA to support grouping and read-across of nanoforms Fiona Murphy, Helinor J. Johnston, Susan Dekkers, Eric A. J. Bleeker, Agnes G. Oomen, Teresa F. Fernandes, Kirsten Rasmussen, Paula Jantunen, Hubert Rauscher, Neil Hunt, Luisana di Cristo, Hedwig M. Braakhuis, Andrea Haase, Danail Hristozov, Wendel Wohlleben, Stefania Sabella, Vicki Stone – 2022/06, Download HERE

3. Determining Nanoform Similarity via Assessment of Surface Reactivity by Abiotic and In Vitro Assays Didem Ag Seleci, Georgia Tsiliki, Kai Werle, Derek A. Elam, Omena Okpowe, Karsten Seidel, Xiangyu Bi, Paul Westerhoff, Emma Innes, Matthew Boyles, Mark Miller, Anna Giusti, Fiona Murphy, Andrea Haase, Vicki Stone, Wendel Wohlleben – 2022/04, Download HERE

4. A methodology for the automatic evaluation of data quality and completeness of nanomaterials for risk assessment purposes Gianpietro Basei, Hubert Rauscher, Nina Jeliazkova, Danail Hristozov – 2022/04, Download HERE

5. Similarity assessment of metallic nanoparticles within a risk assessment framework: A case study on metallic nanoparticles and lettuce Yuchao Song, Eric Bleeker, Richard K. Cross, Martina G. Vijver, Willie J.G.M. Peijnenburg – 2022/03. Download HERE

6. Assessing the similarity of nanoforms based on the biodegradation of organic surface treatment chemicals Richard Cross, Marianne Matzke, Dave Spurgeon, María Diez, Veronica Gonzalez Andres, Elena Cerro Galvez, Maria Fernanda Esponda, Marie-France Belinga-Desaunay-Nault, Iseult Lynch, Nina Jeliazkova, Claus Svendsen – 2022/03, Download HERE

7. Bayesian based similarity assessment of nanomaterials to inform grouping Georgia Tsiliki, Didem Ag Seleci, Alex Zabeo, Gianpietro Basei, Danail Hristozov, Nina Jeliazkova, Matthew Boyles, Fiona Murphy, Willie Peijnenburg, Wendel Wohlleben, Vicki Stone  – 2022/01, Download HERE

8. Ordered weighted average based grouping of nanomaterials with Arsinh and dose response similarity models Alex Zabeo, Gianpietro Basei, Georgia Tsiliki, Willie Peijnenburg, Danail Hristozov – 2022/01, Download HERE


You can find the full list of publications from the project HERE to see what else we have worked on.