Fondazione Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (Italian Institute of Technology, IIT) is a scientific research center established in 2003 by Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and Ministry of Economy and Finance, in order to promote excellence in both basic and applied research and to facilitate the economic development at national level. IIT with the Nanoregulatory platform of Pharma Chemistry department contributes in multiple ways to the research into nanotechnology, nanobiointeractions and nanotoxicology. Through the participation in many European and National projects and CEN-ISO working groups on nanomaterials, recent activities covered

  • Biotransformation processes of NPs in bio-fluids related to human exposure (e.g., gastro-intestinal, lung, etc.);
  • Dissolution test to evaluate NP-biomolecule interactions in complex fluids, bio-accessibility and permeability;
  • 3D cellular cultures, organoids (GI, lung, liver) and their interactions with bio-transformed NPs/drugs;
  • Grouping approaches based on NP mode of actions, in vitro/in vivo correlation;
  • Development of safety-by-design tools for improved risk management in occupational settings in collaboration with National Institutional bodies;
  • Web based quality safety data assessment tools (MDAT).