EU NanoSafety Cluster Week 2019

Event Date: 7th October 2019 - 10th October 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark

EU NanoSafety Cluster Week 2019

NanoSafety Cluster Week

October 7: caLIBRAte final workshop on risk assessment and governance

  • Focused on current knowledge and the future outlook on stakeholder risk perception and information needs and nanosafety data availability
  • caLIBRAte also presents nano-specific human and environmental risk assessment and management tools tested in the project, plus the decision support tool developed, the NanoRisk Governance Portal.

October 8-9: NanoSafety Cluster conference Towards in silico nanosafety assessment – integrating experimental and computational approaches

  • Organised and sponsored by NanoCommons, NanoSolveIT and NanoInformaTIX
  • Focused on roles of data accessibility and predictive modelling in nanomaterials governance and risk assessment.

October 10: NanoSafety Cluster Open meeting and caLIBRAte NanoRisk Governance Portal training

  • Open meeting to which all are welcome to contribute
  • Working Group meetings to progress key community-driven activities
  • Steering Group meeting
  • Training session on the caLIBRAte Nano Risk Governance Portal and underlying risk assessment, management and decision support tools

The thematic sessions to be covered during the NSC conference are:

  • Nanosafety data management tools: from experiment to knowledge
  • Hazard assessment along the life cycle of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products
  • Exposure assessment along the life cycle of of nanomaterials and nano-enabled products
  • Systems biology & mechanistic insights for nanosafety
  • Nanoinformatics & Predictive Modelling
  • Categorisation & grouping of nanomaterials
  • Tools and approaches for safe by design of nanomaterials and processes
  • Risk assessment and risk management solutions

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