Event Date: 12th September 2021 - 16th September 2021
Graz, Austria

In the framework of EUROMAT 2021 conference, which will take place on 12 - 16 September 2021 in Graz, Austria , a Special Session entitled "D4: Characterization of 1D and 2D materials", will be organized by Prof. Costas Charitidis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece).

The special session includes the following:

  • 1D/2D materials including nanotubes, nanowires, nanorods, graphene family materials
  • Transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), transitional metal carbides and carbonitrides (MXenes)
  • Assessment of electrical, optical and mechanical properties with advanced characterization techniques, for 1D and 2D nanomaterials
  • Manufacturing and scale up production of 1D/2D nanomaterials with in-situ characterization techniques
  • Process control especially during material growth for the above materials
  • Combinatorial characterization approaches