Food Toxicology Conference 2021- Opportunities and Challenges for safe use of nanomaterials in food

Event Date: 26th January 2021 - 29th January 2021

​Food Toxicology Conference 2021

Food Toxicology Conference 2021 is a scientific meeting where key opinion leaders and global stakeholders from government, industry and academia convene to share and discuss the latest developments, challenges, and opportunities in the safe use of nanomaterials in food. This conference is jointly organised by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA), the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU).


The Conference will be held over four half-day sessions comprising of the following:

Session 1: Application of nanotechnology in Food and Food packaging

Session 2: Analytical and Toxicological Approaches to Nanomaterials

Session 3: Risk Assessment Approaches for Nanomaterials

Session 4: Challenges in Regulating Nanomaterials: Keeping pace with the science


The Food Toxicology Conference 2021 will include keynote speakers from USA, Europe, China and ASEAN countries. A panel discussion will be held as part of Session 4 to address some of the challenges in regulating the use of nanomaterials in food.