International Conference: How the world deals with materials on the nanoscale

Event Date: 22nd June 2023 - 23rd June 2023

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV) and the OECD invite you to the final event of the German NanoDialogue, a stakeholder dialogue on nanotechnologies.

The international conference “How the world deals with materials on the nanoscale – responsible use and challenges”, will give you valuable insights into the experiences and learnings from the German NanoDialogue, which has been going on for more than 16 years. Stakeholders from industry, academia, civil society organisations and government authorities will summarise, conclude, and share their views with you. Additionally, stakeholders from all over the world will present how they approached challenges of the sustainable use of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies via legislation, standards, private initiatives and research, such as in the medical area.