Gracious release a new publication covering The Gracious Framework - A framework for grouping and read – across of nanomaterials

The Gracious team have published a paper covering the Gracious Framework and how it is applied in the nanotechnology industry.

A framework for grouping and read-across of nanomaterials – supporting innovation and risk assessment

GRACIOUS project partners have worked together to create and publish a new project paper covering the GRACIOUS Framework.

A main objective of the GRACIOUS Framework is to streamline the risk assessment process and generate a highly innovative science-based Framework to enable practical application of grouping, leading to read-across and classification of nanomaterials (NMs)/nanoforms (NFs).

The GRACIOUS Framework aims to facilitate the application of grouping nanomaterials or nanoforms and to support innovation. The grouping technique enables a read-across which allow the framework to identify where information is lacking.

The Framework provides a set of hypotheses for group NFs, the hypotheses consider the identity and use(s) of the NFs as well as the purpose of grouping. The initial collection of data allows for pre-defined grouping hypothesis and a tailored Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment (IATA), this then allows new evidence to support acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis to be created.

The information provided in the GRACIOUS Framework is found to render risk assessment more efficient, affordable, as well as reducing the use of test animals.

Our newest publication provides more insight into the GRACIOUS Framework and how to use it in practice. The publication is free to access, and can be viewed here:

NanoTox 2021

The Gracious team are preparing to attend the NanoTox 2021 conference, held in Edinburgh between 20th and 22nd April. Abstract submissions for the NanoTox will be opening on 1st September 2020. Abstracts can be submitted under any of the 6 themes:


  • Hazard Characterisation of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials
  • Alternative Methods for Nanomaterial Hazard Testing
  • Release and Exposure to Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials
  • Risk Assessments of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials, and their Governance
  • Safe(r) by Design (SbD) of Nanomaterials and Advanced Materials
  • Open Topics

Abstract authors will be notified of their abstract acceptance on the week beginning the 1st February 2021. Please note, your submission (poster or oral) will only be valid if it was submitted though the abstract portal.


For more details on the NanoTox 2021 abstract process please click here:


NanoTox 2021 have announced their 6 keynote speakers, which are listed below, more details on the speakers and their topics can be found here:

  • Professor Chunying Chen
  • Professor Bengt Fadeel
  • Dr Helinor Johnston
  • Prof.dr. Martina Vijver
  • Dr Tobias Stoeger
  • Dr Amaia Rodriguez 

We look forward to meeting you at the NanoTox 2021 conference.

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